Notes from a trainer

Fat loss / Weight loss

To begin with, it could be as simple as calories out versus calories in but over time many people reach a plateau and struggle to keep hearing in the direction they want to go. There are a few things that can be done to keep pushing towards a leaner physique such as increasing lean muscle, improving cardiovascular fitness, playing with nutritional intake and much more.

Burn more calories by following this video a few times per week alongside regular jogging/walking/cycling/etc...


Strength gains / muscle toning

Not just about lifting heavy and eating more protein. Firstly, not much equipment is absolutely necessary - you can achieve some great results through bodyweight callisthenics and clever techniques. Secondly, a balanced nutrition will help gain lean muscle without gaining fat in the process. 

Gyms are useful; but not necessary. Thy this at home... (2 parts)


Sports specific conditioning

Finding the right balance or ratio of intense strength and fitness work with recovery exercises and flexibility work is essential to be able to perform and enjoy participation of your chosen sport. It shouldn't be considered "normal" to strain a muscle in the beginning of a football season or experience knee pain from taking up running as a regular activity.

Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness

Your engine is incredibly important to general health and longevity - we've become increasingly more aware of this in light of the recent pandemic. The condition of your heart, blood vessels and lungs should be one of the greatest priorities for everybody and the wonderful bonus of achieving greater fitness if the side effect of becoming leaner, healthier and greater mental health.

Get out and move more. No need for equipment:


Injury rehabilitation and protection

Very often its the condition of the body at fault of why you get injured, not necessary the sport or activity you're doing. Running isn't bad for your knees, but instead, your knees are not well conditioned for running. After immobilising the injured area and settling the inflammation, its crucial to get the recovery journey correct to make sure you come out on the other side stronger and better equipped to protect yourself from reoccurring injury be it through flexibility work, strengthening or realignment.

Mobility and improved flexibility

Moving comfortably without pain is top of the priorities list for many exercisers and sometimes just regular stretching isn't enough. Using a Theragun and corrective exercise along side a regular stretching program will help restore greater function and, therefore, freedom of movement to be able to continue to enjoy whatever activities you like to do.

Stretch with me every day!!


Core strengthening and posture correction

Very often people may have reduced activation of core muscles due to inactivity of past injury - reactivating/strengthening sedentary core muscles can help support posture and protect against injury. Corrective exercise brings understanding of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to fix movement/muscular imbalances and so improve the overall function and quality of life.

Here's an example of a video I recorded specific to a client's needs for strengthening his posture:


Healthy lifestyle...

Taking an holistic approach to exercise and wellbeing will always be the best route to living better for longer. As a personal trainer I help people plan out every aspect of activity and nutrition that will get them feeling fitter, stronger and more energised. Often people are surprised by how much better they can feel with just a few simple adjustments. 



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